What I want to share with you all is the way that it felt to be on the Insight Vacations tour.

From the moment I met our TD, Daniele, I felt a sense of ‘home’.  His heavy accent drew me in from the second I met him.   He has a way about him that lets you know that your heart has been touched by a very special person.

He explains that southern Italy changes you.  It does.  The people are lovely and warm and inclusive.  One of my favorite stories that Daneile shared was that when you are at the market, people will walk up to you and inquire what’s in your bag, ask what you are going to do with it, and who you are cooking it for, etc.  It truly did have that essence.

Daniele has a contagious, fun spirit that shows from each story he tells, from each time he rubs your arm while walking down the bus aisle, and from each time he completely cracks himself up while recalling a memory or telling a story about himself.   These are the experiences and stories that I want all of my clients to have.  I want you to remember how it felt to be on your trips and I want you to crave the chance to go back- isn’t that what it’s all about?

The reason I am writing about Daniele is for the simple reason that Dainele is Insight Vacations.  This is the special kind of person that Insight Vacations seeks and welcomes into their work family.  I spoke with Kristina, Insight Vacations National Sales Director, and asked her if they have more TD’s like Dainele and she simply said, YES (though we both agree that Daniele is one of a kind!).  She shared stories about other TD’s and the trips they direct.  I feel certain that any TD at Insight Vacations is going to take extreme pleasure in making sure all of your needs are met and expectations are exceeded.

If you are a first time European traveler, a traveler that has been on a river cruise and wants a land tour or if you want to truly experience the best that a land tour has to offer, you must consider Insight Vacations.

If you have been researching a land option and you haven’t decided what option to choose, I’ll leave you with Daniele’s own words, “and now you know.”

Barb Holmes

Insight Vacations Review